October 10th, 2010


For the even bigger version click here: .

I wanted to try out a whole lot of new techniques that I have learned via the website the last couple of months. They have so many good ideas and tips for the upcoming artists. I have also been participating in the Art and Story: Alive Podcast and sharing tips on the website’s forum.

This is one of the biggest pages I have ever attempted… and the most characters per page. Most of the experimentation was in the form of the warm and cool coloring and shadow work.

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Sketchbook for Beyond

I’m thinking of adding a Sketchbook or Art gallery on Beyond…

In the meantime check out some beyond sketches… at Http:// in the Blog…

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Oxymoron Press

I fully designed and updated my art site: … I am keeping it nice and updated as much as I can. I added a portfolio area and commission prices.

Original Comic

Hey everyone,
I added the original strip to the blog as a seperate page, and put the link in the navigation bar. Hope you all are enjoying the comic and want to see where these characters originated as a bit of a gag strip. I do plan on the further adventures to be funny but not gaggy. (*choke*) Ha.

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I lived in San Diego when I was a kid but never knew anything about San Diego comic con. If I knew what I know now, I would have showed up there every year. But the last couple of years I have had to settle for Wizard world Chicago. But I hope to get to go to Comic-con in the next couple of years…
Also with this post, I should have the site back to normal after the annihilation of the site… Please get ahold of me if you find anything fishy.


The new is up and is being filled with great artwork.

Atomic Gremlin